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Construction Technology Trials: Set Up For Success

Perhaps the most important part of a construction technology trial is before it begins. We find the most success when we can sit down and outline the goals and expectations ahead of a trial. Without considering the objectives, you end up kicking the tires rather than developing a baseline to measure an ROI. At the end of the day, the opportunity to show an ROI immensely enriches the story you tell later, and the value your company gets from the construction technology.

When investing in a construction technology trial, consider the next steps. If a trial is going to be a representation for a “go or no-go” decision, consider all the stakeholders within the company. Who else needs to be part of the decision or planning processes to make adoption seamless?

The biggest factor in the success of a construction technology trial is not the technology itself. Instead, culture is the biggest obstacle to ensuring your company is staying ahead of the curve. Make new construction technology adoption celebrated and rewarded. Even if the outcome is not a strong fit, celebrate the process of trying new things. Doing something new means you have to try something new.

I was in your shoes so I know how you feel and what it’s like to get your organization around trying something new. So we take the risk out of a technology decision with Concrete Sensors. Sign up for our trial now.