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At Concrete Sensors, we strive to continually improve job site safety and productivity with our newest innovations, including solutions that provide more accurate, real-time information about your job site concrete, helping you make faster and better decisions.

We understand the challenges of monitoring the curing of in-field concrete with traditional concrete maturity meters or cylinders. Our wireless concrete sensors and free mobile app are the smart, convenient solution that makes keeping track of your concrete’s temperature and maturity easier than ever.

Know Your Concrete

Lab services are used to determine how curing temperature impacts the strength of your specified mix. Curing samples at four different temperatures improves the accuracy of the concrete strength calculations provided by the sensor and software.

Measure Your Concrete

Concrete Sensors are easy-to-use, wireless sensors available in two versions: bluetooth and long range. The standard version can be placed up to 6 inches deep in concrete and the cabled version allows for placement up to 15 feet deep in concrete for mass structure pours.

Track Your Concrete

Access the concrete curing information you need to make today’s scheduling decisions, move formwork, and stress PT cable right at your fingertips. Setting notifications for key concrete curing milestones is simple with our easy-to-use software.

Less Guesswork,
More Data, Better Decisions.

Our Mission

To provide real-time, ASTM-certified concrete strength and temperature monitoring designed with general contractors, concrete contractors, and structural engineers in mind. We have the most innovative construction project solutions that you need to make better decisions, increase productivity with accurate scheduling, and save time and money by knowing exactly when your concrete is done curing – without even having to be on-site.

What We Do

We provide a platform to make informed decisions on concrete behavior for general and concrete contractors, structural engineers, and concrete producers.

How We Do It

We combine exceptional scientists, engineers, and founders from the construction industry with the most accurate and easy-to-use software and hardware platform.

Why Us

You not only will get the most accurate, easiest-to-use platform, but there’s no substitute for our people. We are passionate about our customers’ success – we like to get our hands dirty!

Our Customers

The Top General Contractors Save Time and Money with Concrete Sensors

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Concrete Sensors keep my schedule reliable and my quality optimized through real-time concrete strength monitoring, and I can cycle as fast as possible with confidence.”

Bryan Ray, Senior Project Manager at Skanksa

“Concrete Sensors has saved me over $170,000 on labor and material costs for just one project. I use it on nearly every concrete project.”

Senior Project Manager with a Major Construction Contractor

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