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Move to the Next Step One Day Sooner

Concrete curing information is available right at your fingertips. Know the exact moment your concrete is ready by setting notifications for key concrete curing milestones with our easy-to-use software so you can make tomorrow’s scheduling decisions, today. 

Get the Right Information Faster with Real-Time Data

Curing temperature can have a dramatic impact on curing speed, and job site concrete may cure at a different speed from your concrete cylinders. Our concrete sensors enable you to monitor the job site strength of your concrete in real-time, helping you to move faster.

Concrete Contractors

Sensors that are Reliable and Easy to Install

Eliminate troubleshooting with our easy setup. Simply attach the sensors to the rebar using cable ties before you pour. You’ll be able to see the results anywhere with our mobile app and desktop software. Our sensors are made using only the most durable and reliable technology and materials, ending the need for multiple installs and troubleshooting your sensors.

Get the Most Accurate Concrete Data

Our sensors are tough, reliable, and offer more accurate data and depth capabilities than any other competitor.

Concrete Sensors offers robust and easy-to-install wireless concrete sensors that monitor the current curing temperature of your job site concrete. With up to 15 feet of depth for the cabled version and 6 inches for the standard wireless sensor, you’ll receive the most accurate temperature data on the market today.

Keep Mandates On Track with Real-Time Data

Our real-time data combined with the predictive algorithm helps give a view of the whole picture of the project instead of waiting, guessing, and checking for when your concrete will be ready. 

Concrete Sensors will eliminate the hours and days of waiting using an accepted and reliable solution.

Structural Engineers

Know Your Concrete with our ASTM-Certified Maturity Monitoring

Lab services are used to determine how curing temperature impacts the strength of your specified mix. Curing samples at four different temperatures improves the accuracy of the concrete strength calculations provided by the sensor and software. Our ASTM-compliant method ensures the data you are receiving is accurate. With our concrete sensors, you’ll never have to second-guess whether or not your concrete is safe.

Save Time and Money by Eliminating Travel and Optimizing On-Site Time

Concrete Sensors saves you time and money by addressing engineers’ common pain points:

  • Eliminate trips to the job site and save time and money on travel by accessing your data in a pinch from anywhere, at any time. 
  • When on-site, access in-app plans so you no longer have to guess where the sensors are for inspections.
  • Take measurements from a safer distance and save time traversing taller sites with our mobile app.
  • Know that not only is the delivered concrete meeting your specifications from field breaks, but the concrete was cured under acceptable conditions.

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