Strength (Maturity) Monitoring

How our technology works

What is Concrete Maturity?

When concrete ingredients are mixed with water, the mixture begins to set and gain compressive strength, also known as “curing”. The warmer the ambient conditions, the faster it will gain strength. The cooler the ambient conditions, the slower it will gain strength. 

The term “maturity” refers to strength gained over a period of time. The industry standard cure time to reach the minimum design strength is 28 days. For cast-in-place concrete on a job site, it can be beneficial to monitor the strength, not only to help ensure proper curing, but also to schedule work as efficiently as possible.

The Maturity Method

The maturity method is a technique used to provide a more accurate estimate of the effects of time and temperature on concrete strength development. The maturity method is a non-destructive and reliable way of estimating in-site concrete strength. It leads to better quality control, reduces both traditional testing and construction cost, and helps ensure greater safety. 

Get The Right Information Faster

The concrete calibration (maturity testing) for your specific concrete mix will be done in Concrete Sensors’ in-house test lab and is the basis for the maturity (gain of strength) monitoring with Concrete Sensors. Our concrete sensors enable you to monitor the job site strength of your concrete in real-time, helping you to move faster, remove formwork sooner, and stress post-tensioned slabs earlier.

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