Temperature Monitoring

How our technology works

Why Should I Monitor the Temperature of My Job Site Concrete?

Temperature monitoring for mass concrete ensures the placement cures properly, eliminates structural issues, and meets the specified strength of the mature concrete. It also helps ensure compliance with building code, specifications, industry standards, and thermal control plans. Low temperatures below 40°F, rapid temperature changes, and temperature differentials between multiple points within the concrete may cause thermal stresses, cracking, or reduction in the long-term strength.

Track Concrete Temperature Remotely – Anytime, Anywhere

Concrete Sensors enables contractors to monitor the temperature of job site concrete in real time. Our wireless concrete sensors record and store a temperature data point every 15 minutes, which is used for temperature reports and alerts and calculating the strength data. Monitoring the job site concrete temperature with wireless concrete sensors and customized automatic alerts empowers you to take early actions before a problem forms, protecting your concrete from damage. This also helps you stay compliant with thermal control plans and potentially reduces heating costs in cold weather.

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