How Our Technology Works

Concrete Testing & Software

Leading the Charge for Next-Gen Concrete Monitoring and Testing

Concrete Sensors provides the most accurate and easy-to-use concrete temperature and maturity sensors. Our integrated concrete software combines the industry’s most rugged wireless concrete sensor, the most precise concrete testing lab, and the mix design database with cloud software and analytics to provide the most accurate prediction of concrete strength.

Concrete Sensors

Most Accurate Strength

Besides having ASTM-certified concrete testing, we test your mix design in our state-of-the-art concrete testing lab, making it simple for you to get reliable, real-time, and predictive strength calculations to help you move faster.

Best-in-Class Reporting and Alerting

Take action before problems arise and resolve conflicts knowing what is actually happening to the concrete.

All-in-One Solution

Simplicity is critical on a job site. We offer the only all-in-one solution, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Benefits of Concrete Sensors

Tough and Reliable

Robust and easy-to-install wireless concrete sensors monitor the current curing temperature of your job site concrete. The sensor of the cabled version can go up to 15 feet deep in concrete using the strongest signal to send reliable data through the wireless transmitter. The sensors record and store a temperature data point every 15 minutes, which is used for temperature reports and alerts.


With the 24/7 automatic data collection via gateway, real-time concrete temperature can be conveniently accessed anytime from virtually anywhere without having to be on the job site. The gateway is easy to set up for data collection — put it on the tripod, plug it in, and it will automatically sync with the wireless sensors.

Easy and Functional

With the ability to quickly scan concrete curing sensors, set up projects, and start monitoring, our free mobile app allows you to easily monitor concrete from your smartphone. Get automated, real-time alerts, and customize notifications so you can take action as soon as possible.

Simple to Set Up

Just set the gateway on the job site, plug it in, and it will automatically sync with the sensors — now you’re ready for data collection.

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