Colonial Méndez Álvaro Campus: Reducing Project Hours & Costs with Concrete Sensors

Knowing your concrete’s strength and durability is key to ensuring productivity and efficiency on the job site. With access to accurate, reliable, real-time information, it’s easier than ever to get your concrete projects done on time and under budget. 

Read on to find out how one Spanish construction company leveraged Concrete Sensors to save time and money during a large-scale concrete project at the Colonial Méndez Álvaro Campus in Madrid.

The Problem:

The Colonial Méndez Álvaro Campus is a 90,000 m2 business park in southern Madrid. OHLA Progress Enablers, a Spanish construction company with expertise in construction management and civil engineering, and Ingeneria Vallardes, an engineering consultancy agency specialized in structural projects, were tasked with the post-tension slab (PT slab) application of this business park. Concrete Sensors was employed to provide the strength monitoring of concrete for this project.

Points of improvement identified for this project included diminishing long wait times to confirm if concrete had hit target strength and solving the inability to account for temperature conditions and mass concrete size. Concrete Sensors was chosen to identify when concrete became mature enough for post-tensioning with the goal of saving time and money in the overall project.

The Results:

Implementation of Concrete Sensors’ smart, wireless solution for concrete monitoring resulted in a reduction in project duration, significant monetary savings, and faster reshoring times. Concrete Sensors’ automatic monitoring system and real-time access to pertinent data resulted in target strength being reached and reported in a more timely manner, allowing for post-tensioning to be conducted ahead of schedule. 

Overall, Concrete Sensors’ strength and temperature monitoring system improved efficiency on the job site. A reduction in cylinders and faster reshoring times resulted in noteworthy cost savings. Additionally, Concrete Sensors’ dedicated lab streamlined the flow of information by removing the previous dependency on a third-party lab, and the app’s easy access to real-time information resulted in more accurate reporting of in-situ concrete data.

Start Making Better Decisions Today

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